Positive Leadership in Practice - online learning by Formium Development

At Formium Development we're passionate about helping everyone to do more of their best work, to be more fulfilled and productive.


We believe that people, teams and organisations get their best results from working with their strengths.


Through coaching, management and leadership training and organisational development activities we provide bespoke solutions to help you meet your challenges and make positive and lasting change.

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One-to-one phone support from a qualified and experienced coach:

  • Helps you gain clarity and identify goals for better performance
  • Explore solutions and try out new approaches, based on your strengths
  • Individual, flexible and convenient
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Bespoke learning and development solutions to address your challenges:

  • One-off workshops, e-learning and multi-module programmes
  • Develop capability in all management and leadership subjects, including coaching skills and performance management
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Consultancy to address people and performance, planning and process, such as:

  • Designing competency frameworks
  • Team building and performance improvement
  • Diversity and inclusion: consultation and audit
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