Overcome the challenges of remote and hybrid working by using our 5C model to boost your team's performance, engagement and wellbeing.

If your team is adopting a ‘new way of working’, then you're going to need a ‘new way of leading’.

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We'll help you be the manager you want to be: in control, supportive, professional and effective.

Even if you've successfully adapted to remote working, we'll help you understand and face the new risks and challenges of hybrid working. 

As organisations struggle to adapt to another 'new normal', you're going to want to be the leader who is best prepared.

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If your organisation is like most of those I talk with…

The global pandemic has been a tough challenge, affecting every aspect of how you work, and every aspect of your workforce's lives.

While your systems and processes worked fine before Covid it’s been a lot harder to get the same results when you're coping with continuous change and managing staff performance and wellbeing from a distance.

Even in relatively unscathed organisations we've seen:

  • Managers no longer feeling fully in control of their team's activities and performance.
  • Team members struggling to balance their private and working responsibilities – juggling home-schooling and caring.
  • Managers having to provide additional assistance for team members as the in-team support networks have broken down.
  • Personal relationships between colleagues and team members have withered, harming the communication flow within and between teams.
  • Managers, leaders and teams weary from continuous and all-encompassing change.

"But we'll be okay, we're back in the office soon..."

Many organisations are preparing for hybrid working, with staff splitting their time between home and office.

And most forecasters think this won't just be a short-term measure, this is the future of work.

So now is not the time for 'temporary' fixes that end up outliving their intended duration, or putting up with problems while you wait for a return to the 'old normal'.

If the way your team works is changing, then it stands to reason that the best way to lead and manage them will also be different. To survive the tough times ahead, you need new tools and strategies for sustainable remote leadership.

That's where I can help you...

I'm Eszter Molnar Mills, a facilitator, executive and team coach and Organisational Development consultant.

From my work supporting managers I've spotted that no-one is really helping them overcome the challenges of remote leadership by building on their success – so they feel resourceful and empowered rather than criticised and overwhelmed.

So I've taken my experience, insights and ideas, added a load of research, and would like to introduce you to the result:

Remote Leadership Mastery 

An 8 week programme of interactive live workshops, one-to-one coaching and online learning.

It's an exclusive programme for a small number of managers and leaders, designed to help you put your learning into practice and get real results quickly.

Come on the programme and you'll learn how to be an effective manager of remote and hybrid teams, able to face the challenge of change in these unprecedented times.

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Our programme is designed to help you succeed

Many people haven't had great results from online learning in the past. Too much time just spent watching videos, and not enough interaction. Or they've attended courses but never been able to implement their learning. That's why we've followed the best Learning Transfer principles in designing Remote Leadership Mastery. We think you'll find this different approach to be a lot more effective - not only do we make learning easier, we're focused on helping you to put your learning into practice.

Positive approaches make change easier

We share a wide range of insights from positive organisational scholarship and positive psychology. By building on what works, focusing on resilience and harnessing strengths, we help you implement learning and make a real difference.

1-1 Coaching: individual focus to ensure success 

You'll get two 1-1 coaching sessions to maximise your success in managing remote or hybrid working teams. You’ll have time to discuss your specific problems and solutions, explore opportunities and commit to taking action.

5C framework provides an effective structure 

Our 5C framework is an easy-to-use and effective tool – it helps you work out what your remote / hybrid working team needs and how best to adapt your management and leadership.

Interactive workshops to maximise engagement

The best learning happens when you’re fully engaged and participating in a workshop. Unlike regular e-learning you’ll be able to ask questions, test ideas and learn from others. And we're keeping the numbers low, so you will get all the attention you need.  

Infusion week: time and space to embed learning

Midway through the programme we will take an ‘Infusion week’ with no live workshop, which gives you time to ensure that you can embed the learning, reflect on it and make use of all the resources.

Wide range of learning activities to support learning

Selected carefully to make best use of your time you’ll get extra videos, worksheets, self-assessments and guided reflections. These will help you get the most out of the live workshops and put the learning into practice.

What you'll learn in Remote Leadership Mastery


You need your team to hit their targets, and for everyone to deliver the quality you expect, wherever they're working.

Too many managers have ended up monitoring performance through excessive hours, high levels of surveillance or micro-management. 

You’ll get tools to set inspiring performance goals for teams and individuals, and successful approaches to make sure they are delivered, even while working from home.


You and your team members need to have the resources – time, equipment, skills and focus – to deliver results.

You’ll be able to use our systematic processes to ensure that you’re focused on your team members’ wellbeing and ability to do their job, whatever their individual circumstances.

You'll be able to make sure that you're being fair to everyone and avoiding any discrimination.


For the best performance you need everyone to be sharing ideas, offering support and working together.

It's all about the teamwork – but that’s been difficult when you’ve got people working from home.

You’ll get actionable ideas and techniques for ensuring that instead of a collection of individuals you have a team that is cohesive, supportive, creative and effective.


You want the creativity, support and innovation that comes from unplanned conversations.

Many of the best ideas and social support come from chance interactions. Whether it is a water cooler, a lift or coffee machine, the office plays a key role in breaking down barriers between teams and creating opportunities for innovation.

From the range of silo-breaking techniques that we'll share, you’ll be able to identify new approaches to help your team get back to interacting with other teams, maintaining social bonds and thinking creatively.


Recognising success is vital for maintaining motivation and engagement.

When it's hard to get everyone together at the same time and place, how do you make sure that your team members feel rewarded and appreciated?

You'll learn proven techniques for showing your appreciation when your team members, maintaining team morale and encouraging greater success - even when working at home or remotely.

Course dates

We'll kick off with some warm-up activities before launching into the first 2 hour online interactive session on Friday 7th May at 10am BST.

We'll then meet weekly at the same time and day up to the 25th June.

Join our satisfied course participants

"Eszter has an aptitude for ‘breaking the ice’ quickly and easily amongst delegates, and her approachable, friendly, respectful nature, combined with clear communication and knowledge of course material, makes her a valuable asset for individuals and organisations alike"

"The practical exercises were the most valuable. Excellent and engaging trainer.”

“It was useful to learn how to embed positivity and use positive examples of success to improve performance. This has helped to shift our organisational leadership culture.”

Join the programme

So you’re probably wondering how much Remote Leadership Mastery costs and when it runs.

Similar programmes to this can be as much as £2000.

Just one session of one-to-one coaching can be £250 a time.

And with Remote Leadership Mastery you get to be part of an exclusive small group, engaging with a live interactive programme rather than just watching videos or getting lost in the crowd. 

BUT because we're keeping the numbers low to maximise your learning experience, that means that spaces are limited.

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All figures are GBP and exclude VAT

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A reminder of what you'll get...


The comprehensive 8 week programme includes:


  • 6 live interactive workshops: Learn proven techniques with our lead facilitator, Eszter Molnar Mills, an expert coach and trainer who’s worked with managers and leaders from first-time front-line managers through to CEOs, company owners and senior civil servants. 


  • Year-long membership for our online portal: Learn at your convenience with on-demand access for the workshop replay videos, plus additional videos and exercises to provide further food for thought.


  • Year’s membership of an exclusive community: Specific to your group, this is a great place for sharing ideas, raising questions and receiving feedback


  • Resources to make your life easier: Effective tools, checklists, guides and templates which you can put straight into action.


  • 2 one-to-one coaching calls: To make sure you can put the learning into practice you'll have dedicated time with one of our coaches to explore your situation and help you with your Remote Leadership.

Our risk-free guarantee

We’re certain you’ll find Remote Leadership Mastery to be hugely valuable.

So we're willing to back it up with a straightforward guarantee.

If Remote Leadership Mastery doesn’t give you what you need, just let us know within 21 days of the start.

Provided you can show us that you’ve been doing the work, but what we’re teaching just isn’t adding value, we’ll send you a full refund.

But this kind of guarantee means that before you enroll, we'd like you to be fully committed to showing up to the sessions and taking the time for the activities.

Bonus time - learn the secrets of Performance Feedback for FREE !!

One of the most common issues I run into is managers who struggle when trying to address staff performance.

Some get tongue-tied, some avoid it, others are too brusque and get complaints or resistance.

Giving feedback on performance is a vital skill - now more than ever as you are less likely to be together in the same place for long periods.

So everyone signing up for Remote Leadership Mastery will be able to access another of our courses - Performance Feedback Mastery.

Usually costing £300 you'll get access to this interactive workshop and accompanying comprehensive toolkit for FREE.

You'll learn how to skillfully provide feedback on performance so that it is motivating and drives higher performance. Even when you're operating a hybrid or remote team.

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So, are you ready for a new way of leading?

The last year has seen incredible change, but it's safe to say that the next year won't be plain sailing. 

As societies and organisations struggle to adapt to another 'new normal', you're going to want to be the leader who is best prepared. 

Count me in!

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